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No longer posting my art here on this blog! Go to lumicakes where I do the draws now. That said, I won't delete my stuff here.

Also, please do not repost my things unless given permission. Thank you!
myriamrod sent: Do you take requests? D:

Aww sorry but this blog is no longer being updated with art. I moved to lumicakes to post my art stuff which is found here. And I’m not taking requests at the moment since I want to try and finish the color palette challenge.

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It’s that Time. The time for change and seasons and new things… kinda. Haha!

Okay. I finally finished up my new art blog! Soo, I want you to know that I will no longer be posting on this one. I won’t delete this one or anything tho. I just want a blog where I can reblog stuff on( something I can’t do with this side one). Don’t worry, it won’t be like a personal one or anything. I’ll be reblogging art refs and the occasional reblog which I will tag if you don’t want to see.

If you still want to see my art, then go this link here.  My blog name is lumicakes. I’ll still be signing my art as spetta tho.

And something I haven’t did yet. Thank you all SO much for following me! I never expected to get this many followers (it was my goal to hit a hundred) but looking at the almost 700 follows now, I can’t help but go, “WHOAH!” That surpassed me expectations by the gallons!

I enjoyed reading the comments in your tags whether it was fangirling or funny little comments, and with every repost or like, it makes me so happy beyond words.Thank you so much! I hope you’ll continue to follow me as lumicakes but the choice is up to you.

All of you are awesome! And I can’t thank you enough!

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Anonymous sent: If you ever consider DeviantArt then maybe we can be buds?

Idk if I ever will make an an account on DA specifically but like if you want to send me a message to chat, you’re free to. I really don’t bite since I’m like a huge apparently sassy dork Haha!.

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Anonymous sent: did you have any pixiv account? or deviantart? any other file deposit to store your arts?

No to all of those, anon. I have thought about setting up a pixiv account tho. Buuut I am heavily thinking about making another art blog because I tend to cringe at all the inconsistent styles on this one.

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phionexxx sent: i really like your art !! it's so cute and the colours are really pretty ~

Thank you so much! I wonder if I did something kinda creepy would it flip you all out? Hmm…

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Anonymous sent: your art is so good :3

imageThank you, anon! Getting messages like these really make my night.

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Anonymous sent: What brush do you use? I MUST NOW. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS

I don’t really stick with the same brush nowadays. It depends on how I approach coloring. Sorry I can’t explain it better. Which picture in particular were you curious about?

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You guys remember when I took requests waaaay back? Well I’m accepting them again. Mainly because somewhere down the line, I want to work on commissions and I wanted to do requests one more time before that. Plus, I can save these for a rainy day when I’m absolutely bored and have no I idea what to draw.

So yeah. Give me something. I only ask that you keep it to a two character limit tho.

Last call for requests. If there’s something you want to see, let me know.

That’s it for requests! Last time I did this, I didn’t get many, but that changed this time around. Like holy crap. Thanks again!

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Sure thing and aww! Thank you! I don’t even color properly tbh. I need to go back to doing that. 

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I found this old thing in my wip folder and decided to color it. 

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